Corrosion protection

Many climatic factors have negative impact on quality of iron products. Their appearance is subject to irreversible changes.


Corrosion protection of metal structures is a process of coating a material or structure with several layers of special composition. The fluids used can be based on organic and inorganic compounds.


Specialists in the field of anti-corrosion protection know the physicochemical properties of the coating and the ability to prepare surface for work performance, as well as understand the methods of preparation of various compounds.

  • preparation for processing;
  • polishing;
  • cleaning of rust and dirt;
  • surface painting

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STALKMET manufactures and assembles metal structures for objects of any type of purpose in accordance with "EN 1090, 3834 - EXC2, EXC3". We implement projects starting from designing a house, having an architect's license - "ARHITEKT TASE 7" and performing the main construction work - "TÖÖJUHT 5".

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