Innovative Building Solutions

We utilize our experience to create sustainable, affordable, and flexible solutions for any construction project.

At Stalkmet, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

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Why us

Why we are chosen

Wide range of services

Clients can get all necessary construction and repair services in one place. It's convenient and cost-effective because you don't have to look for other contractors to do different jobs.

Quality guarantees

We give guarantees on every project, which increases clients' confidence and provides them with peace of mind and confidence in the quality of the result.

Own production facilities

Having our own production facilities of steel structures, we guarantee the reliability and durability of structures, as we control all stages of the manufacturing process.

Individual approach to design

We provide the customer with an individual solution, taking into account all his needs and wishes. Our architect will develop a project that meets the objectives and requirements of the client.

The professional approach

The presence of specialists of high level and different profiles with extensive experience guarantees the high quality of our work.

Quality materials

We use in our work only tested and quality materials that meet the highest requirements, which guarantees durability and reliability of the completed projects even several years after commissioning.


Our services

We provide all kind of construction services as well as manufacturing and installation of steel structures.


Stalkmet has extensive and diverse building construction experience. Our core strength is expertise in the construction of large and complex assets, but our team is also happy to undertake smaller projects.

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Integrated / Comprehensive design of private houses from the architect of the Stalkmet company will help you to build home of your dreams.

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Steel structures

The production of steel structures is carried out on the basis of customer requirements. During the design process, modern computer equipment and software.

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Other services

Discover our extra services to enrich your energy, construction, and land management solutions.

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About us

STALKMET is a fast growing construction company and our principle is simple and attractive to customers.

"We build from the beginning to the end."

The company now performs numerous construction and installation projects throughout Estonia, saving customers a lot of hassle by delivering turnkey projects.

Don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you with your project.

Stalkmet team


Years in the market


Completed projects


Satisfied clients


Our certificates

STALKMET manufactures and assembles metal structures for objects of any type of purpose inaccordance with "EN 1090, 3834 - EXC2, EXC3".

We implement projects starting from designing a house, having an architect's license- "ARHITEKT TASE 7" and performing the main construction work - "TÖÖJUHT 5".

Trusted by industry greats

We are proud to have such large companies as our customers. Our cooperation and feedback inspire us to find innovative solutions and contribute to the fact that we are constantly developing and growing every day.

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