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Discover our extra services to enrich your energy, construction, and land management solutions.

Solar panels
Sandwich panels

Solar panels

We offer reliable solar panels as well as services:

  • Designing solar systems for your needs,
  • Installation of different types of solar panels,
  • Integration of solar systems into residential and commercial properties,
  • Monitoring and maintenance of solar systems,
  • Efficient use of solar energy.

Our experts develop customized solar system designs and create solutions that will reduce your bills and allow you to make a complete switch to your own power supply.

Sandwich panels

We provide production and installation services for sandwich panels, which combine strength, thermal insulation and reliability:

  • Production of sandwich panels of various types,
  • Designing customized solutions,
  • Installation of sandwich panels on different types of buildings,
  • Thermal insulation and insulation of objects,
  • Solutions for industrial, commercial and residential facilities.

Our sandwich panels provide good thermal insulation and resistance to temperature fluctuations. This reduces heating and air conditioning costs, making the building more energy efficient.


Our company offers surveying services, providing the accurate measurements and data needed for successful construction projects:

  • Land measurements and plot boundaries,
  • Topographic surveying and mapping,
  • Determination of location for construction,
  • Surveying and measurement control,
  • Geodetic support of construction,
  • Preparation of geodetic documentation.

Our surveyors use advanced equipment and modern methods to ensure that measurements are as accurate as possible.

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Our certificates

STALKMET manufactures and assembles metal structures for objects of any type of purpose inaccordance with "EN 1090, 3834 - EXC2, EXC3".

We implement projects starting from designing a house, having an architect's license- "ARHITEKT TASE 7" and performing the main construction work - "TÖÖJUHT 5".

Trusted by industry greats

We are proud to have such large companies as our customers. Our cooperation and feedback inspire us to find innovative solutions and contribute to the fact that we are constantly developing and growing every day.

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