Manufacturing and installation of steel structures

We create reliable and high-quality steel structures and provide a full cycle of work - from design to installation. Our company has its own production, which allows us to control the quality and production time.

Steel structures


The production of steel structures is carried out on the basis of customer requirements. During the design process, modern computer equipment and software.

In the course of it, workers of various specialties take part. Among them are millers, turners, welders, grinders. The source material is metal or various types of metal profile.

Throughout the process, we maintain a high level of quality control to ensure that each step is completed correctly and that the final product is of the highest quality.


Steel structures



Steel structure manufacturing requires a great deal of precision and attention to detail. Each step of the process is critical to ensure that the structure is safe, durable, and meets the client's needs.

Below you can find the list of steps that we provide for steel structure manufacturing:

  • Design,
  • Calculations,
  • Drawing up technical specifications,
  • Grinding and mounting,
  • Welding, riveting and bolting,
  • Anti-corrosion coating.


Related services

Fences and gates
Garbage huts
Bike houses
Metal furniture


We are in the business of making stairs, steps and railings of any design in wood or metal:

  • Indoor and outdoor staircases,
  • Staircases on brackets, on treads, on bolts, cantilever staircases,
  • Straight, spiral, semispiral and other types of stairs,
  • Stairs with wooden, metal or combined steps,
  • Exclusive railings and handrails,
  • Customized designs and finishes.

Our company utilizes advanced technology and quality materials to ensure each staircase is durable and reliable.

Fences and gates

Our company offers a wide range of gates and fences, and is also engaged in the installation of turnkey fences - from design to installation. We manufacture and fences of all kinds and any complexity:

  • Metal and wooden fences, 3D fences,
  • Sectional and swing gates,
  • Automatic and manual control systems,
  • Decorative elements and fences,
  • A variety of styles and finishes available,
  • Design and safety advice.

We will take a free measurement, calculate the required amount of materials and make fences for you that will harmonize with the architecture of your home.

Garbage huts

We are in the business of making trash huts that will help you create a convenient and aesthetically pleasing place to store your waste and keep your property tidy:

  • Single leaf and double leaf garbage houses,
  • Various designs and finishes available,
  • Reliable protection against weather and unpleasant odors,
  • Personalized solutions for your needs.

Our trash huts are made with practicality and ease of use in mind, providing secure shelter for containers and simplifying the cleanup process.

Bike houses

We create metal huts that provide secure storage for bicycles and additional equipment. Your bikes will be protected from rain, sun and other external influences, extending their life. Practical solutions and easy access allow you to store and retrieve your bikes with ease, saving you time and effort. We offer:

  • Bicycle huts in different sizes for one or more bicycles,
  • Storage options for accessories and tools,
  • Spacious and organized space,
  • A variety of designs and finishes,
  • Effective protection against moisture, sun and dust.

Our cabins are designed with convenience and functionality in mind. From convenient storage systems to smart organization solutions, we'll create a safe place to store even the most expensive bikes.


Carports are a modern metal structure that can easily replace a garage on any lot. We create awnings, providing reliable protection from natural factors that can damage your vehicle:

  • Sheds for one or more cars,
  • Arched, single slope, double slope,
  • Variety of designs and finishes,
  • Protection from sun, rain and snow,
  • Customized projects for your area.

We use only the highest quality materials in our work to create canopies that can withstand a variety of environments. The sturdy construction guarantees a long service life.


We manufacture terraces of various types and complexity and create terraces that can withstand the stresses of time and weather, retaining their appearance and functionality for many years:

  • Wooden, metal and composite terraces,
  • Open, semi-closed, closed, glazed, with sliding mechanisms,
  • Terraces of different levels and shapes,
  • Presence of different functional zones.

Depending on your needs, we can create seating areas, barbecues, play areas and more.


We offer metal hangar services that provide secure storage and protection for your property. Our hangars can be adapted for a variety of purposes:

  • Hangars for storage of vehicles, machinery, agricultural equipment,
  • Rectilinear, arched, polygonal, hipped forms,
  • Industrial and warehouse hangars,
  • Garage sheds for home use,
  • Customized solutions and dimensions.

We utilize advanced technology to create metal hangars that can withstand a variety of loads and impacts. Our work includes custom designs, considering goals, size, and functional needs.

Metal furniture

We are in the business of fabricating metal furniture created with design and functionality in mind and offer:

  • Chairs, tables and benches made of metal,
  • Shelves, stands, racks and showcases,
  • Metal furniture for offices and public places,
  • Customized designs and solutions for your request.

Our own production of metal structures allows us to create furniture from metal, which is characterized by strength, durability and long service life.

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Our certificates

STALKMET manufactures and assembles metal structures for objects of any type of purpose inaccordance with "EN 1090, 3834 - EXC2, EXC3".

We implement projects starting from designing a house, having an architect's license- "ARHITEKT TASE 7" and performing the main construction work - "TÖÖJUHT 5".

Trusted by industry greats

We are proud to have such large companies as our customers. Our cooperation and feedback inspire us to find innovative solutions and contribute to the fact that we are constantly developing and growing every day.

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